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Duke University, 1981 - 1990
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West Virginia University, 2018 - present

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Dr. Rankin's Mortality Data for Mitral Valve Procedures

Operative Mortality Data for all Mitral Surgery, single and multiple valves, showing a downward trend in operative mortality over the early 2000's and a near-zero mortality over the past decade. The data also shows the progressive conversion to Mitral Valve repair for all pathologies and for single and multiple valve procedures. The overall Mitral Valve repair rate is now >98% for all forms of Mitral Valve disease.

Note: in the above illustration, over the past decade, operative mortality for Mitral Valve repair has been zero, and valve replacement has been used infrequently, in approxiamtely 1% of all pathologies.

Note: This illustration shows the conversion to near-uniform Mitral Valve repair in the early 2000's and the fall in operative mortality to zero over the past decade. For single and multiple valve procedures involving the Mitral Valve, and for all clinical categories, operative mortality for all Mitral surgery is now statistically indistinguishable from zero.